Friday, April 19, 2002

Ok, I got back to my humble home in rural, cold and wet England about 4 hours ago after 2 weeks in bustling, hot and sunny Orlando - big difference in climates and its not easy to adjust back. Add to this the 5 hour time difference and the 9 hour flight. I know I should be tired, yet I am not. Orlando was fun, I visited Disney, Universal, Wet n' Wild, Busch Gardens, Seaworld and they were all sweet - I even got a photo taken with The Bear In The Big Blue House!

The first thing I saw was that everyone has gone mad with these blogs, which meant I had to make one too :) (I'm not a bandwagon jumper.... honest...)

I also heard about Alco and Sped, I'm not sure of the full story so I won't make a judgement, but Sped is a good friend of mine and it sucks for him, but I guess he must have done something real bad to deserve it. Onto Alco... I've known that he is YLI for a long time now, he isn't bad to me, but I know what he is capable of.

Now, I feel like going to bed, it is currently 4 hours before Punishment, but I fear that I'll go to sleep and not wake up in time so i'll act like a zombie for the next few hours - I'm probably gonna go with a Scott Hall deck that was doin well before I went away, not too sure about what the current 'trendy decks' are though - I keep hearing that speedy Rocks are making a comeback, which makes me wanna use Rikishi, but I'm gonna stick with Hall methinks.

I haven't tried out Bubba Ray yet, i've seen his moves - he looks decently balanced, his special seems good, maybe a little powerful, but its nothing compared with Scott Hall's.

So that was my first blog entry, keep your eyes glued for my progress throughout Punishment!